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Dublin Tech Summit

Thursday, June 17th 12.10 pm GMT | 12:35pm GMT
Globally known for providing IT Infrastructure, Data Center Transformation, Audio/Video, Networking, Data Storage, and Security Solutions, Rahi joins their leading vendor ZPE Systems for an in-depth look at the explosion of IT on the Edge.
Edge means speed, and speed is a necessity in today’s highly networked world. Similar to how companies began to hire cloud service providers to create computing and storage efficiency, the same is now happening with networks.
À propos de Rahi
Rahi was founded in 2012 as a global provider of full-service IT solutions and services for companies of all industries. From design, installation, and system maintenance to logistics and managed services – we handle it all, so you don’t have to.

Rahi Systems Inc.
48303 Fremont Blvd,
Fremont CA 94538, USA
Tel: +1 510 651 2205
Fax: +1 650 520 2737
[email protected]