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Cape Town, South Africa – 26.01.2021: Rahi, a global IT solutions provider, has announced a $5 million capital investment across the African Union. The move comes as Rahi continues its global growth strategy within the IT, data center, and enterprise campus infrastructure industries. 

Over the next three years, Rahi will invest $5 million into developing its presence across Dubai, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, and Egypt. The company expects to create many new jobs within roles such as Customer Success Managers, Technical Project Managers, Networking Engineers, and Field Operations Crews.

Following its ongoing expansion across the globe into territories such as Europe, Latin America, and China, this strategic expansion will strengthen the company’s presence in the Middle East and Africa in its entirety. This will allow Rahi to deliver highly efficient data infrastructure solutions directly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to this new market.

Founded in 2012, Rahi has quickly cemented its reputation as one of the world’s most dynamic system integrators. This move is set to shake up the technology landscape across the Middle East and Africa. Through their vast partner landscape, which includes global tech giants such as Zoom, Nutanix, Palo Alto, Cobalt Iron, Lenovo, Juniper, Netapp, ZPE, and Crestron, Rahi will deliver disruptive technology throughout the regions that are not currently available locally. 

 The Middle East and Africa were strategically identified in the global company’s efforts to expand its worldwide footprint further and accommodate a growing need within these locations for solutions and services that would maximize this market’s current IT infrastructure’s performance and scalability efficiency.

 With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting the market, the demand for IT infrastructure services and solutions has enabled local companies to remain operational during the national lockdown and has grown substantially. In addition, the pandemic has resulted in a rapid spike in the need for higher quality cloud migration, new technologies, and implementation processes from those in the region, with local providers failing to accommodate this need.

The deployment of IT infrastructure, data centers, collaboration tools, storage, and security solutions has become a key factor for local companies to stay operational and productive during lockdown phases. Some of the technologies which Rahi will deploy include hardware and software from an innovative Network Management company, ZPE. Their systems allow simplified management from remote locations, thus reducing the need for highly technically skilled personnel to travel to physical locations and ensuring business continuity. 

Tarun Raisoni, CEO of Rahi, says, “The workplace environment has rapidly changed due to the global pandemic of 2020. The trends that have emerged are not fleeting but are here to stay as companies move to hybrid workplace models. Alongside this, the core infrastructures which support essential IT operations of the business have shifted. We have made the decision to expand into this region as we have a proven track record of working with and accelerating our customer’s success stories.“

Africa is currently one of the globe’s most populous continents, and its young population has driven the rapid growth of internet use. Its fast-growing national IT infrastructure validated the decision by Rahi to expand into this region. The company will be one of the first IT systems integrators to provide full lifecycle technology solutions into these countries and commit to ongoing investment within the region.  

Rahi has tasked Charl Kinghorn to lead the expansion. Charl is a skilled strategist who has focused on growing Rahi worldwide, most recently in the US. “In addition to meeting the goals and expectations of the Middle East and African markets, Rahi will also oversee the successful integration and implementation of Rahi’s technology solutions into the local marketplace and infrastructure,” says Charl Kinghorn, Vice President of the Middle East and Africa.

At a time when organizations are scaling quickly and globally, they require the least amount of vendor interaction. Rahi’s partner landscape uniquely positions them to offer one single point of contact committed to advancing and elevating technology globally.

The expansion of Rahi’s global footprint will soon see the introduction and seamless integration of data center solutions into new and existing IT infrastructures within the local marketplace.

More information will be released soon as Rahi SADC (Pty) Ltd’s expansion and establishment becomes firmly rooted within its new local setting. Detailed news and information about this first-of-its-kind-in-South-Africa IT infrastructure solution and cloud applications will continue to be made available to the local public.



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