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Rahi Systems is attending as a technology partner alongside ZPE, and we invite you to take part in its Learn&Go Session on the above-mentioned topic on May 14th. During this session, we will showcase an innovative solution now available in the EBRC Data Centres to enhance the robustness of sensitive technical infrastructures.

A true “dual control” system, Out-of-Band Management combines active and passive security by eliminating the last SPOF from the network. Separating the management of the infrastructure equipment from the data network makes it possible to deal with the risk of a loss of control in the event of saturation and to reduce the risk of unavailability. Combined with Tier IV Data Centres, Out of Band Management adds an extra level of availability to your IT infrastructures.

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For more information, register to either of the two sessions at EBRC Resilience Centre South, 220 route de Noertzange, in KAYL

  • 14 March 2019

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Date: May 14th,  2019
Time: 12:00PM – 2:00PM
Address: EBRC Resilience Centre South, 220 route de Noertzange, Kayl