The FlexITTM Pod incorporates an in-row cooler (IRC), aisle-containment system, and six enclosures in one fully enclosed, self-contained unit. The IRC features a unique, 900-millimeter chilled-water cooler with the capacity to cool upwards of 100kW of a data center load. More efficient than traditional CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units, the IRC is designed to meet energy efficiency standards.

Key Features

Self-Contained Design

The design incorporates all components needed to build out highly efficient data center infrastructure. Physical security is provided at the pod level, as well as individual enclosures. The components are delivered to the customer’s data center for easy on-site assembly.


Our FlexIT Pod accommodates racks and cabinets of various widths to support a variety of use cases.


Our 900-millimeter IRC offers maximum cooling efficiency in a small footprint. This design enables the use of a higher temperature water supply, eliminating the need for a dedicated chilling plant. Multiple sets of fans are used to effectively distribute cold air throughout the pod. The machine learning capability calibrates cooling capacity based upon the IT workload, where N+1 cooling is configured for fault tolerance.

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Rahi manufacturers each FlexIT Pod to the customer’s specifications, using standard-size roof and door panels for flexibility and simplified installation.


Learn how the FlexIT Pod’s modular construction can help streamline your next deployment.