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Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solutions by Rahi

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Thinking about modernizing your data center?

Want to scale your applications horizontally and vertically?

Is multi-cloud adoption in your roadmap?

Converged Infrastructure (CI) Solutions

To Converge or Hyperconverge?

  • Dell VxBlock: A combination of hardware from Dell, EMC, and VMware Software constructed together.
  • Cisco FlexPOD: A combination of hardware from Cisco, NetApp, and the ability to tie VMware, Cisco, or Open Source Software together.
Converged Infrastructure (CI) Solutions
Hyper-Converged (HCI) Solutions

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solutions

  • Nutanix: Leader in the hyperconverged solutions space with a hardware-agnostic and software-centric ecosystem.
    Dell VxRail: Dell / EMC hardware with VMware hyperconverged solutions HPE Simplicity: Combination of HPE and Simplivity solution offering.
  • NetApp HCI: Data fabric-based ecosystem that tied data transparency across your infrastructure

What We Offer

Rahi offers a whole variety of solutions and services in this space that are based on first and foremost a conversation with you to understand the needs of your applications and, more importantly, addressing the needs around:

Application Environments That Demand Scale and Flexibility​

Modernization of Your Data Centre

Multi-Cloud Strategy With Private Cloud and Public Cloud as a Key Solution


Full Cloud Stack

Full Cloud Stack: Integrates compute, storage, virtualization, networking resources for any application

One-Click Simplicity

Simplicity: Design offerings that make it simple to deploy, operate, and lifecycle the solutions

Deploy Apps in Minutes

Operations Automation: Automate your operations so you can deploy in minutes versus days and increase the efficiency of delivery

Automate Application Management

Lower Costs: Guaranteed TCO savings up to 60% by utilizing both private and public cloud offerings

Lower Cloud Cost

True Hybrid Cloud: Integrate the public cloud offerings such as Azure Arc, Anthos, Outpost with your private cloud and have a seamless experience in migrating applications.

Solution Partners

About Rahi
Rahi was founded in 2012 as a global provider of full-service IT solutions and services for companies of all industries. From design, installation, and system maintenance to logistics and managed services – we handle it all, so you don’t have to.
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