Effective IT Solutions For Small Spaces

Effective IT Solutions For Small Spaces

Our on-the-go lifestyle puts a huge onus on accessing information instantly. The dynamic business environments now dictate how data is accessed and managed. When your business is growing, your IT solutions need to be flexible. Whether your business is a retail outlet with a small office space/ have many remote locations, or a growing home office;  you need IT solutions that are easy to use and will be a cozy fit in your valuable office space. Rahi Systems’ FlexIT ™ Office-In-A-Box can be a boon in fulfilling your IT needs while being considerate to your office footprint.

The FlexIT ™ Office-In-a-Box (OIB) Rack is a complete IT solution housed in a single enclosure. It provides a wide range of data center features and is specially designed for small to medium sized offices and retail outlets. You don’t need a dedicated space for the FlexIT™ OIB Rack. It is pre-engineered in a number of sizes to fit virtually any space and location, including space-constrained environments.

The FlexIT™ OIB Rack is an integrated smart cabinet and is ideal for:

  1. Retail stores/ Branch offices
  2. Financial institutions
  3. Medical facilities
  4. Schools
  5. Home offices
  6. Disaster recovery and other locations that need highly efficient, space-optimized IT infrastructure.

Check our featured smart office server cabinet to see how it fits your retail/ remote office needs:  WATCH NOW

Modular Data Center Solutions For Dynamic Business Environments

Modular Data Center Solutions For Dynamic Business Environments

The Internet of Things (IoT) has redefined the way we consume infotainment, and how we live our life day-to-day. Whether it is streaming a video, paying bills, or planning your next vacation, data is the source of these transactions. In short, we need data instantaneously which has made it imperative to have consistently reliable data centers.

Statista, the statistics portal that sources from 18,000 sources on an average, reported a mind-boggling growth of mobile users worldwide. The number of smartphone users is projected to grow from 1.5 billion in 2014 to five billion by 2019. That is over 36 percent of the world projected to use a smartphone! This catapults data consumption and the dependence on data centers into a much higher league.

To keep up with the demand and to stay abreast of new technologies, many companies are investing heavily into the lifeline of their businesses and are turning to data center experts for cost effective and scalable solutions. One solution that has been used by big data companies since 2009, are Modular Data Center’s (MDC).  Data Center Knowledge defines Modular Data Centers as, “An approach to data center design that implies either a prefabricated data center module or a deployment method for delivering data center infrastructure in a modular, quick and flexible method.”

Major forces driving the flexible data center market include:

  • The surge in demand for low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • The need to reduce operational expenditure
  • The need for scalability
  • The ease in operations and maintenance

The modular data center market is growing rapidly because of the increasing number of users opting for high-performance and energy efficient data centers. According to the research agency Markets and Markets, the worldwide market for plug-and-play data centers and related equipment will grow from $8.37 billion in 2015 to $35.11 billion by 2020. North America will be the largest modular data center market in terms of size, while Asia-Pacific (APAC) is expected to emerge as a high-growth market.

Rahi Systems has recognized the need for flexible data centers, and has developed a suite of IT infrastructure solutions that cut deployment time by 40 percent or more. FlexITTM is a unique line of IT infrastructure products that are pre-engineered and ready to install. With FlexITTM organizations can create a dust-free, space-optimized IT environment virtually anywhere.

FlexIT OIB Rack

FlexITTM Office-In-A-Box (OIB):  The FlexITTM OIB Rack is a complete solution that provides built-in cooling, back-up UPS power, smart power distribution, network services, and physical and IT security.  This integrated smart cabinet is ideal for:  retail stores, financial institutions, medical facilities, schools, branch offices and other locations that need highly efficient, space-optimized IT infrastructure.

 Why Rahi’s FlexITTM OIB Rack?

  • Zero setup time and rapid deployment of IT equipment
  • Integrated cooling from 3kW to 5kW
  • 6kVA backup UPS power with the option of high-efficiency Li-ion
  • Optional network services
  • Sound-proof cabinet allowing placement next to offices and cubicles
  • Complete physical security with front- or rear-door access
  • Single software console with 8x 1GB network and 5x serial management ports.


FlexIT Modular DC

FlexITTM Modular Data Center (MDC):  The FlexITTM MDC is the ideal solution for “white space” data center expansion and colocation environments. The FlexITTM MDC’s flexible, pod-based approach allows it to be customized to meet the exact needs of the space available.

Why Rahi’s FlexITTM MDC?

  • Substantially faster and less expensive than any traditional data center buildouts
  • Flexible, user-friendly and very easy to manage
  • Configurable with 20 to 40 enclosures with a wide range of options
  • Supports a variety of cooling technologies
  • Turnkey installation and setup services available

To learn more about Rahi’s FlexITTM solutions and see our products first-hand, visit us at our upcoming tradeshows!

Data Center Dynamics Trade Show, New York Marriot Marquis, March 14th & 15th. Visit us at Booth #88, or Contact Us to schedule a time to sync up.

Data Centre World London, Excel London, March 15th & 16th.  Visit us at Booth #M38, or Contact Us to schedule a time to sync up.

We look forward to connecting with you!

It Was An Exciting Week At Cisco Live!

It Was An Exciting Week At Cisco Live!

Cisco Live 2016 was full of excitement.  The conference showcased innovated products and solutions in hardware, software and services.  It was a great turnout and gave Rahi Systems the opportunity to network with friends and colleagues as well as connect with some new faces.

Rahi was proud to showcase some of our newest solutions including our pre-engineered, ready-to-deploy FlexIT series, and NodeGrid Out-of-Band management system by ZPE.  Featured products included The FlexIT Office in a Box (OIB) Rack, our new FlexIT Series R Server, and NodeGrid Service Processor™.

The FlexIT Office in a Box (OIB) Rack provides data center features in a solution designed for an IT closet or any other location where IT infrastructure is needed and space is tight. It includes built-in cooling, backup power, smart power distribution, network services, and physical and IT security. With tempered glass doors and sound-dampening side, roof and floor panels, this all-in-one cabinet can be installed just about anywhere.

Show-ProgressThe FlexIT Series R Server features a unique sliding system tray that makes it easy to remove the system board without disconnecting storage devices, power supplies or any internal system cables, solving an operational problem experienced by many users.

The Series R Server is based upon an interchangeable system board that is designed for forward compatibility. This modular system board solution also includes a 16-gigabit channel bus, multiple networking and storage options, and the ability to support dual power supply configuration in a 1U form factor.

ZPE Systems NodeGrid Service Processor™ is the ultimate IPMI, BMC and IoT Management solution providing secure, hyperscale remote access to management ports of network capable IT devices, regardless of vendor.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to chat with us and see our product offerings.  We enjoyed catching up with you and look forward to seeing everyone next year!

To learn more about FlexIT click here.
To learn more about NodeGrid Service Processor™ click here.


Rahi Systems Introduces Hyper-Converged Server  Solution for Web-Scale IT Environments

Rahi Systems Introduces Hyper-Converged Server Solution for Web-Scale IT Environments

FlexIT R Series Server Delivers Modular Compute and Storage Architecture with multi-generational Intel architecture.

Fremont, Calif. — July 11, 2016 — Rahi Systems has introduced the FlexIT R Series Server, a modular hyper-converged server with high density compute and storage in a 1 U form factor.

The FlexIT R Series Server includes separate compute, storage, and power blocks providing the ability to change the blocks without affecting the rest of the system.

This allows for the system to transcend multiple generations of Intel architectures by easily swapping the system board versus requiring an entire infrastructure change.

“With the FlexIT R Series Server, system board replacement becomes a tool-less operation,” said Paul Weber, Vice President of Engineering, Rahi Systems. “If anything on the system tray fails, the operator simply slides it out, then slides in a new one. The server is back up and running in minutes. In addition, we have developed interchangeable system boards that are designed for forward compatibility, making the FlexIT R Series Server a truly future-proof solution that can evolve with changing needs.”

The FlexIT R Series Server packs web-scale functionality in a slim, 1U form factor. The solution features a 16-gigbit channel bus, one of the fastest buses on the market, as well as built-in 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, a 1 Gigabit dedicated management port, SAS expansion ports, two full height PCIe expansion slots, OCP mezzanine slot, multiple USB ports and an optional second power supply. It can accommodate eight full-sized hot-swappable disk drives, and includes dual external SAS ports for use with an attached storage appliance.

“From a networking perspective, the FlexIT R Series Server is highly flexible. It includes dual 10Gbps SFP modules and a mezzanine card capable of 40Gbps or 100Gbps,” Paul said. “Customers can easily move from current 1Gbps and 10Gbps network infrastructure to multiple 10Gbps or 40Gbps.”

The FlexIT R Series Server is the latest addition to Rahi’s FlexIT product line, featuring pre-engineered, integrated infrastructure solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily at any site. FlexIT solutions include individual rack enclosures, Mini Data Centers and Modular Data Centers that reduce costs, increase agility and accelerate time-to-market.

To learn more about the FlexIT R Series Server visit us here.
To learn more about FlexIT Solutions visit us here.

About Rahi Systems

Rahi Systems delivers a suite of solutions and services that optimize the cost, performance, scalability, manageability and efficiency of today’s data center. Founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs with deep understanding of the needs and challenges of service providers, government agencies and enterprises, the company has grown through a solutions-oriented approach, outstanding support and a culture of customer success. Rahi has its corporate headquarters in Fremont, Calif., with offices in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

Media Contact:

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Japan IT Week Did Not Disappoint!

Japan IT Week Did Not Disappoint!

Japan IT Week brought together over 90,000 attendees to discuss the latest’s technologies and software from around the globe.

The show was hosted at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, and allowed for partners and attendees to connect, collaborate, and learn about the next big ideas for IT.  Key topics included:  Software & App development, Big Data, Embedded Systems, Data Storage, Information Security, Cloud Computing and Mobile Solutions.

Rahi delivers a suite of solutions and services that optimize the cost, performance, scalability, manageability and efficiency of today’s data center.

Products and Solutions displayed  included:

ZPE Systems – NodeGrid Manager

  • OOB management virtual appliances. Simplifies day zero deployment, configuration, access and control of in-band and out-of-band compute, network, storage and power physical and virtual infrastructures

Rahi Systems – FlexIT

  • Flexible IT Infrastructure is a Pre-Engineered, Ready to Deploy, Integrated solution for IT, Telecommunication and Engineering Systems. It enables immediate deployment by providing a plug and play solution that can be easily deployed and installed at any site.

[email protected]

  • [email protected] is a supplier of energy efficient and environmentally friendly air handling and air conditioning systems. [email protected] offers a low investment & maintenance cost solution for the climate control of computer rooms, data centers, non-residential buildings and industrial spaces.


  • DCIM Tool

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Rahi booth to catch up and view our featured products and solutions.  We enjoyed catching up with you and look forward to seeing everyone at the next Japan IT Week!

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